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Founded in May of 2012, Magnolia Theatre Company quickly became one of the most talked about theatre companies in Pennsylvania. Now located in Dayton, Ohio, our focus remains the same:
A theatre company dedicated to women.

MTC lives by 3 words- Fresh. Funky. Feminine.

FRESH is the commitment to bringing strong female characters to the stage in performances that entertain, inspire, and provoke.

FUNKY is the trendy vibe at Magnolia.  We want to be different,

unique, and powerful.

FEMININE is the most critical part.  In addition to strong female character onstage, every attempt will be made to hire women in all technical, administrative, and creative roles.


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Donate to Magnolia today via Paypal!  Scan this QR or use @magnoliatheatre

Mission Statement

Magnolia Theatre Company
produces shows that celebrate 
strong female characters.  

We are proud to be performing in Dayton.  We are looking for  female driven collaborations! 

Magnolia Theatre Company is a 501c3 and your donation is tax deductible.

Thank you for your continued support!

About us

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For more information call: 937-985-4851
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