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Magnolia Theatre Company, Dayton’s feminist theatre company, is proud to partner with the University of Dayton’s Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology program for its 2023-24 Season.


Auditions for the first two shows of the season will be held  August 31 in Fitz Hall 479 and September 1 at the University of Dayton’s Black Box Theatre from 6-8pm.  Auditions will consist of readings from the script.  Sides will be provided in the audition form.


Callbacks will be held as needed.


Personnel:  Michelle Campbell Hayford (UD Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology program director, and director of The Moors), Gina Handy Minyard (Founding Artistic Director), Annie Pesch (Director, Beheading Columbus)


The Moors by Jen Silverman

Rehearsal start date: Oct 17

Rehearsal frequency: Weekday evenings,  no rehearsals for Thanksgiving week

Performance dates:  November 30- December 3, 2023 (4 performances)

Rehearsal and Performance location: UD Black Box Theatre



From the playwright:  Think Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre and the Bronte sisters…but this is the present.  All characters have an American accent.

Content Disclosure: The roles of Agatha and Emilie require mouth to mouth contact  and stage combat–(intimacy and combat direction will be provided).  The play discusses/portrays the following topics: sexuality, both lesbian and heterosexual, domestic violence, death, stage blood


Agatha- Female. Elder Spinster Sister. Dangerous. Powerful.

Huldey- Female. Younger Spinster Sister. She has a diary. She wants to be famous. (sings a power ballad to recorded accompaniment)

Emilie- Female. The governess. A romantic with a sweet face.  (sings a song to recorded accompaniment)

Marjory- Female. The scullery maid. Down-trodden. Strategic.

The Mastiff- Male. The dog. A sad philosopher king.

A Moor-Hen- Female. Practical and very present- tense.


This cast will be a combination of University of Dayton students and non- union professional actors.  All non- union professional actors will be paid a $1600 stipend. Those interested in being considered for Huldey and Emile should prepare 30 second excerpt of a pop ballad (a cappella or track, speaker will be provided)


Beheading Columbus by Diana Burbano

A Femme Artisan Staged Reading

Rehearsal start date: October 9, 2023

Rehearsal frequency: October 9-12 6-9pm 

Performance Dates:  October 13- 14, 2023 (2 performances)

Rehearsal location: MAC Building, Performance Location is TBD

*Talkbacks will occur after both performances



Note: This script has moments where characters speak Spanish.  

Susi - Biracial Latina early 40's, Sharp, witty, trying to hide seething anxiety.

Lana - White Latina early 30’s, Smart, fun, ambitious, confident.  (This role is pre-cast)

Mark - White M late 40’s, handsome but going to seed, wry and self deprecating. also plays:

Doctor Dover- White M Elderly, charming, patrician, elegant.

Siblings and Mama-All played by one person. Any BIPOC identity. What casting might call "Ethnically Ambiguous” which of course is no such thing. Versatile. Funny and also tragic.


Non- Union. All cast members will be paid a $200 stipend. 



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For more information call: 937-985-4851
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